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Patient Satisfaction Survey

We Welcome Your Feedback

We invite you to send us your comments, feedback or testimonial. We put our customers first and work hard to ensure each individual gets the personalized, one-on-one care that they deserve. Fill out the form below to leave your feedback and comments. For any questions about our products and services or to speak to a representative, connect with us today!

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  • Patient Satisfaction Survey

  • Was the equipment/service provided in a timely manner? *
  • Were you given complete instructions on your equipment/care? *
  • Were all your questions answered to your satisfaction? *
  • Was the staff courteous, knowledgeable and professional? *
  • Were you instructed on who/where to call with questions/problems? *
  • Would you recommend our equipment/service? *
  • Did you receive the patient Notice of Privacy Practices and HIPPA Consent Form? *
  • Were these documents explained to you? *